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Feb 23, 2022

Learning hate, then truth, then love. Nathan's journey through and past the preaching of Steven Anderson (Independent Fundamental Baptist).



The UCA Podcast newsletter, some smaller scale UCA events, a message from Tim, and cyber security tips(?!). 


  • (01:37) Interview, Childhood
  • (03:40) Notes in childhood Bible...flames
  • (04:33) College and unanswered questions
  • (05:22) Hard preaching discovery (Anderson)
  • (06:22) Anger born of confusion
  • (07:19) The pit stop along path to truth
  • (08:48) The time at Faithful Word Baptist church
  • (10:45) The hate problem
  • (12:00) Reconciling Scriptures
  • (13:42) Shut down the questions
  • (15:45) "I run this church"
  • (17:39) Cognitive dissonance
  • (19:42) James White is damned
  • (21:00) Picking up and gone
  • (22:04) Biblical Unitarianism
  • (24:23) Now, a strait betwixt two
  • (25:41) Isolation, stubbornness 
  • (27:43) Avoiding conflict
  • (30:05) Keep it simple
  • (31:30) Why call them brethren?
  • (34:18) Blindness to issues needing reform
  • (37:14) Should I leave or go? Draw a line.
  • (39:22) Sheep hear his voice
  • (40:40) Truth and love
  • (42:18) Unlearning hate
  • (43:56) Enemy of my family
  • (45:25) I'd do it again
  • (47:30) Closing remarks
  • (48:24) Events
  • (49:29) Tim's comments
  • (50:47) Cyber dangers, criminals


Words are my love language. Say your name and where you're from.

"Hi! It's Obi-wan from Jundland Wastes, Tatooine. I want you to hear my Mark Cain impression..."


Pauses and pacing are hand crafted, artisan efforts. If your podcast app lets you remove silences, please don't. You will enjoy this better with the silences left in, and probably at the original speed.


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