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Apr 6, 2022

With a belief statement designed to be a door (not a wall), this church plant takes a unique approach.



Events, UCA Conference Meet-up planning (Survey), and a UCA video discussion with Brandon Duke.


  • (00:41) The warm reception
  • (04:50) The interview: statement of faith
  • (06:31) How it came to be
  • (07:56) Controlling what people believe
  • (08:46) How to handle disagreements
  • (10:47) Deep-seated beliefs
  • (12:34) “Having the THE right answer“
  • (14:35) Inviting real dialogue
  • (15:47) Nothing off limits
  • (16:31) Similar concepts in other groups
  • (17:40) On reproducing faith patterns
  • (20:37) Conditional unconditional love
  • (21:43) Running into an abusive wall
  • (22:38) Not painting with a broad brush
  • (23:04) Do you duplicate the culture?
  • (24:10) False unity
  • (25:47) The absence of questions and assumptions
  • (27:20) A willingness to be open and honest
  • (29:09) On changing overnight
  • (30:31) See Will at the UCA Conference
  • (31:26) Events
  • (32:38) UCA Conference
  • (32:57) Meet-up topics, survey
  • (34:44) UCA Video, Liar, Lunatic, Lord


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