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Apr 27, 2022

Mark whistles, saws, and reflects in answering "Why would I want to live forever?"



  • (00:31) Anticipating questions
  • (02:51) Our formative experiences
  • (04:11) God as "father"
  • (06:13) Not underestimating that impact
  • (07:25) Lydia and "broken" people
  • (08:25) Hitting the sinner button
  • (08:44) Dan's question on living forever
  • (10:15) Unpleasant nuances, life of pain
  • (11:22) My bias on life
  • (11:58) I answer
  • (12:48) Wonders, whistle, chiffs
  • (19:20) Learning in the kingdom
  • (20:32) Two views on life
  • (22:00) Harm to children, Jesus' thoughts
  • (23:08) Answer for a broken soul
  • (24:41) Thanks for commute friends
  • (25:14) UCA conference, simmering ideas
  • (26:04) Call for papers
  • (26:23) Philippines foretaste
  • (26:39) Audio clip submision
  • (27:21) Brandon Duke pressured
  • (31:24) His father's admission
  • (35:44) Positive formative years
  • (36:06) Daily opportunities, chiffs
  • (36:53) Brandon's PS
  • (37:22) Suggestion for Barlow's series


Strike the rock that it may bring forth your thoughts as words. Say your first name and your state or country.

"Hi, its Darth from far far. I find your lack of 'ums' disturbing."


Pauses and pacing are hand crafted, artisan efforts. If your podcast app lets you remove silences, please don't. You will enjoy this better with the silences left in.


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