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Jun 16, 2021

What happens when an argumentative world traveler drops into a college full of wrong people? (Clue: only the penitent will pass.)

Learn how Anne's first hand experience with agency and honor opened the door to actually listening.


Mark has laryngitis, and his wife, Karen, saves the day!


Brief explanation of "Abrahamic Faith," feedback from Cheryl on episode 19. Credibility and God's Death, "Thomas" says a few words, and Andrew from the U.K. weighs in on episode 23. The Wheels Fell Off.



  • Isaiah 1:18 - Come, let us argue
  • Philippians 3:15 - If you think differently, God will make it clear
  • Matthew 5:41 - Going the extra mile
  • Luke 10:25-37 - The good Samaritan
  • John 4:1-42 - The woman at the well


Divulge your innermost feedback. Say your first name and your state or country.

"Hello, it's... uh... Thomas from Ohio. You sure got something crazy going on up in your head."


Pauses are hand crafted for maximal comprehension and impact. If your podcast app lets you remove silences, please don't. You will likely enjoy this better with the silences left in.


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