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Feb 16, 2022

Navigating a degree from a Baptist Christian university, Hannah shares her tips, tactics, and heartfelt stories. 


What we are, one stadium in 70 thousand persons, graduating from seminaries lacking some details, the earliest Christian groups, sense for common folk, and dilapidated castles.



Superheroes book review request, a joke, UCA Events, Susan's note about the dangerous Trinity concoctions, UCA conference in the works, and the Trinity FastPass. 


  • (07:07) Interview
  • (09:22) Trinity comes to church
  • (10:23) Planning for college
  • (14:46) Events at college
  • (15:33) Roommate clandestine conversations
  • (17:29) Heresy is a popular topic
  • (18:22) Superheroes book
  • (19:20) Would you serve with non-Trinitarians?
  • (20:23) It's heresy, move on
  • (21:34) NIV editor visits and acknowledges truth
  • (22:49) Delighting in highlighting the Delighting book
  • (23:44) Nicea and standing on the heretic
  • (24:41) Ministry work, doctrinal statements
  • (26:02) Tip on signing statement, not agreeing
  • (26:56) Secret heretic
  • (28:20) Becoming theologically bilingual
  • (29:12) "Fair. . . "
  • (29:31) Discouraged, isolated
  • (30:26) Could you have gotten kicked out?
  • (31:30) Advice for others
  • (32:44) Being bold, gaining respect
  • (33:57) The fear seen in others
  • (34:38) Had to get away, cognitive dissonance
  • (36:07) UCA conference reflections, younger folks
  • (37:15) Future plans
  • (38:27) Book review request (Superheroes)
  • (39:48) Index talk (very meta, no?)
  • (40:35) Joke!
  • (41:16) Events!
  • (41:44) Note from Susan, and the Trinity drugs


Can I get enough of your audio clips? Not likely. Say your name and where you're from.

"Hi! I'm Phro Zen from Saskatchewan. You're humor warms my ire."


Pauses and pacing are hand crafted, artisan efforts. If your podcast app lets you remove silences, please don't. You will enjoy this better with the silences left in, and probably at the original speed.


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