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Mar 2, 2022

Leaning in to her role as UCA event coordinator, Amanda delights with each new entry and suggests an alternative to Aruba.



Notes from Kevin and Laura, taking next week off, and audio from Matthew in Georgia.


  • (00:48) Sound apology
  • (01:25) The cacophony
  • (02:13) Interview - Amanda's job, badge, uniform
  • (05:32) Everyday believers, support 
  • (06:55) Shallow, internet community
  • (09:54) Community as a rudder
  • (11:57) Navigating alone
  • (13:07) Behind the scenes, the volunteer
  • (14:20) Job summary and Eventbrite
  • (17:40) Events listed, church and smaller ones
  • (20:29) List of concerns 
  • (21:59) Romantic getaway ideas
  • (23:11) Travel hardships, excuses
  • (25:15) Navigating doctrine differences
  • (29:17) Argue long enough to agree
  • (30:08) Unity of spirit, then unity of faith
  • (31:53) Closing 
  • (32:30) Note from Kevin George
  • (33:13) Laura from Missouri Note
  • (34:19) Events
  • (35:03) Matthew from Georgia


Unleash the thoughts within. Say your name and where you're from.

"Hi! It's Matthew from the puppet show. Can I pick my pencil back up yet?"


Pauses and pacing are hand crafted, artisan efforts. If your podcast app lets you remove silences, please don't. You will enjoy this better with the silences left in, and probably at the original speed.


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