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May 11, 2022

One man's response to God's call spawned multiple fellowships in the Philippines and a Joseph-like opportunity in local government.



  • (01:01) John Truitt, A2K
  • (01:56) The interview
  • (02:37) Edgardo's early years
  • (04:05) Unencouragement
  • (05:30) Getting serious with faith
  • (07:04) Asking for confirmation
  • (08:36) God's provisions
  • (10:47) The Bible college
  • (12:20) Sophomore pastoring opportunity
  • (13:10) Getting suspended
  • (14:38) Conviction on the bus
  • (16:20) Finding unitarian faith
  • (18:15) Inglesia ni Christo
  • (20:13) INC showing up?
  • (22:28) Coming out of high-control groups
  • (23:28) Children's and prison ministry
  • (25:16) Ending up on the town's Advisory Council
  • (26:59) Work within the police station
  • (29:01) Teaching on Kingdom of God
  • (29:42) Joseph similarity
  • (30:33) Enumerating the churches and groups
  • (33:32) New opportunity with indigenous people
  • (35:51) Encouraging words
  • (37:15) Milk
  • (37:51) Events
  • (38:51) Mark boldly plans to Contact everyone
  • (40:11) Change in frequency of UCA podcasts (every other week)


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