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May 26, 2022

A life of tepid Trinitarianism takes a lurch, a pause, and then a burst of clarifying realization.



  • (04:29) The Interview
  • (05:50) Desiring to help a theological situation
  • (07:16) The Three God theory
  • (08:25) Podcasting opportunities
  • (09:28) BibleProject, image bearer
  • (12:33) The son of Man's teaching
  • (15:15) The Jewish tour guide
  • (17:07) The Jewish concept of Messiah
  • (18:27) Sermons in Acts
  • (22:14) Meaning given to all Scripture
  • (23:05) Conversation with Muslims
  • (24:50) Decision: Jesus raised from dead?
  • (25:56) Jesus as the benchmark
  • (27:23) Difficult conversations
  • (28:33) Mystery as a start or an end
  • (29:20) Peter might not have the message right?
  • (31:56) The goodness of God
  • (32:38) The truck driver's destroying God
  • (33:56) He's come to bring life
  • (35:44) Jesus' words, more serious
  • (38:01) Settling for a "mystery"
  • (38:57) A comprehensible choice
  • (41:14) Wrap up
  • (42:00) Closing and Events
  • (42:41) UCA ticket price
  • (45:14) Sponsor opportunity
  • (46:10) Mark needs further weeks off
  • (46:50) Call to action!


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