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Sep 14, 2022

Discussing the plans, topics, and activities for the upcoming Unitarian Christian Alliance 2nd annual meeting in Ohio with Jake Ballard, Anna Brown, and Mark Cain. 



  • (00:25) What's a "Roundtable"?
  • (01:18) Message to a future listnener from 2024
  • (02:44) The Roundtable discussion
  • (03:13) Introducing Jake
  • (04:08) Introducing Anna
  • (06:18) Jake's experience as paper reviewer
  • (10:06) Anna's paper writing experience
  • (13:08) Paper length
  • (13:54) Anna's revision process
  • (15:05) Paper topics listed
  • (18:38) Q&A for presentations
  • (19:46) Being a part of this unique crowd
  • (21:03) Space for meeting people
  • (22:06) Workshop topics
  • (24:09) The practical nature of the workshops
  • (25:14) The night sessions
  • (26:13) Meetups (Friday afternoon)
  • (35:22) Saturday afternoon, available baptistry
  • (36:53) Debate training workshop
  • (38:10) Kinda cool, that is cool, it's gonna be awesome
  • (38:13) UCA Pre-party
  • (39:04) Conference Partners (Sponsors)
  • (42:27) Children at event?
  • (44:20) Planning for the community event finale
  • (45:03) Church options for the next morning
  • (45:24) Eventleaf app for announcements, etc.
  • (45:53) Twitter live updates, #UCAcon2022
  • (46:49) Over 100 registered
  • (47:33) Call to action, share this! (Time is short)
  • (47:55) Ending: "Lake woe be to unitarians"


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