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Nov 23, 2022

Life in the commune was interrupted by life on the run, and then the painful emergence from Latter Day Saints fundamentalism.



  • (03:19) The interview
  • (03:45) Not enough females
  • (05:51) Prophet decides who marries who
  • (08:25) Tensions and counseling
  • (12:54) To Guatamala, to escape
  • (15:36) Van meets ravine
  • (16:57) Acquiring property
  • (18:02) Van living
  • (18:54) Wife is done
  • (20:23) Pregnancy
  • (21:22) Returning for work
  • (21:54) Beginning to form opinions
  • (22:54) Two birds with one mission
  • (24:58) Families that had left
  • (25:40) Divorce while in Mexico
  • (27:01) Weeping in bathroom
  • (28:02) Views on the Kingdom
  • (29:36) All this pain for...truth?
  • (30:21) Decision to be in kids' lives
  • (31:05) Construction job, LDS boss
  • (31:47) LDS mainstream and God's guidance
  • (32:47) Guilt in buying things
  • (33:33) Reconnecting with kids
  • (34:51) Events
  • (37:24) Kegan Chandler, opening night #UCAcon2022


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