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Nov 29, 2023

Reflections from Dale and Brandon on their experience at ETS (unitarians in a sea of trinitarians), where Dale sat on a panel before 200+ Evangelicals.


Sep 13, 2023

Heather practiced reiki and new age mysticism, then saw the light and in isolated study, launched a journey into truth and peace. 


  • James 1:13 - Lured by desire
  • Mark 12:29 - Jesus quotes the Shema
  • Matthew 16:16 - The confession of who Jesus is
  • Restitutio Podcast - Sean Finnegan
  • Some famliar spirit passages:...

Aug 30, 2023

Four young adults talk about their plans for the 2023 Unitarian Christian Alliance conference, and a Kegan Chandler bonus about UCA publishing and UFOs. 


Jun 21, 2023

Two people, a love for ministry, and an intersection come together to make a difference in a small community.


Jun 7, 2023

Does a non-trinitarian view of God impact how we pray? Mark's insights on interacting with two heavenly individuals.