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Oct 26, 2022

Reflect, laugh, and celebrate at the 2022 UCA Conference, recorded live at the closing session with host Mark Cain...and many other voices.



  • (01:41) LHIM
  • (02:45) Tale Duggy
  • (04:19) Clarifications to help with inside joke
  • (05:12) Community night introduction, Kegan Chandler
  • (06:49) A grand audio experiment
  • (08:25) Mark requests a humorous favor
  • (09:14) Opening thoughts
  • (10:54) Thanks to Heidi and Anna
  • (12:13) Talent highlight with mixtape
  • (13:36) Workshops about kids and family
  • (16:03) Biblical languages workshop
  • (17:59) Those who met other unitarian Christians for 1st time
  • (25:09) Organizing an online fellowship workshop
  • (28:42) Content creator roundtable reflections
  • (33:02) Johnny, what did they win?
  • (37:15) From Australia via Seattle, the difference 4 years makes
  • (40:36) The 2021 critique as 2022 cheat sheet
  • (43:09) Editing "Dynamic Monarchianism" book
  • (44:10) Tale Duggy vs. Dale Tuggy impersonation game
  • (46:47) Impromptu youth gatherings
  • (48:01) Podcast guest Tom Huszti
  • (57:58) Local churches
  • (59:17) Closing thoughts


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